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 Result - AeV : Team 2 vs. Aeon (1st match)

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Result - AeV : Team 2 vs. Aeon (1st match) Empty
PostSubject: Result - AeV : Team 2 vs. Aeon (1st match)   Result - AeV : Team 2 vs. Aeon (1st match) EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 1:30 pm

Just thought of making a thread about the result to celebrate the teams first game and win. The end result was 3-2 AeV's way. We dropped the first map on HP slums with Killer dropping 40 and a pick-up about 2hrs before the game Sidewinder getting one off it. After regrouping the team played well in SnD Raid with Venny clutching the last round for the win which made it 1-1. After Venny having to go Jan subbed for CTF - standoff. Played well in the 1st half but the other team fought back well with Sidewinder almost dropping a 40 bomb. They ended up winning 4-3 in a close nail bitter. After that and regrouping the team was focused and determine on winning going into HP - Yemen. A strong start got us a good lead and with the whole team playing well and some clutch moments from killer and side we ended up winning in a tight match to take it to the final map at 2-2. The final map was SnD Express. With the earlier snd win the team was confident and that showed with a comfortable win at 6-2 with clutch moments from killer and side.

I know I had a lot of fun playing and the win was all deserved with great performances most of the time. 1 funny moment that comes to mind is killer knifing side without knowing friendly fire was on. Thanks to killer, side for getting close or dropping 40's, thanks to Jan for filling in and Venny for going clutch. Can't wait intil we start practicing and growing as a team. Thanks Smile
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Result - AeV : Team 2 vs. Aeon (1st match)
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